what is microfiber

You may have heard the word microfiber used to refer to everything from couches to mops, but what does the word actually mean? What is microfiber made of? What is microfiber used for? And do you need microfiber products for your business?

Let’s go in-depth.

What is microfiber made of?

Microfiber is essentially a thin material of fibers made of 80% polyester (great for scrubbing) and 20% polyamide (great for quick-drying absorption) and is commonly used in a variety of textiles. By combining polyester and polyamide, you are left with a material that is capable of simultaneously scrubbing away caked-on dirt, absorbing grease and liquids, and drying quickly.

There are two types of microfiber: split weave microfiber and flat weave microfiber. Split weave microfiber is produced by splitting the fibers of the cloth during production.

Split weave microfiber that is used for cleaning purposes actually creates a positive charge. Naturally, materials carrying a negative charge, such as dirt, are attracted to those carrying a positive charge. This makes microfiber an even more effective cleaning tool because it easily attracts particles of dust and dirt.

Not to mention, when the fibers are split, they produce hooked ends. This allows the material to cling onto the dust and dirt it picks up, as opposed to spreading it around.

At Model Coverall, our microfiber towels contain a high density of fibers at 220,000 fibers per square inch, making them excellent for cleaning tasks.

Which is better: microfiber or cotton?

While microfiber is an excellent material to use for cleaning, cotton may be better to use in certain circumstances.

The one primary flaw of microfiber is that it is highly flammable. When exposed to high heat, it not only becomes less effective but it melts, creating toxic fumes. Therefore, in particular settings, microfiber is clearly not a good option.

On the other hand, microfiber is longer-lasting, more durable and easier to clean with than cotton, so it may be preferable for those tasks that do not require heat.

What else can you use microfiber for?

When the fibers are split, they make an excellent cleaning tool due to their charge and hooked ends. But when they are not split, they still have an excellent quick drying ability. This makes them useful in the design of bath towels, because they help wick away moisture.

You may also find non-split microfiber used in other materials such as furniture upholstery for this same purpose.

Laundering and maintaining microfiber

To properly care for your microfiber towels, it’s important to work with a supplier that understands the needs of your business and will launder your supply for you.

At Model Coverall, our microfiber towels used for cleaning are color-coded (blue, red and white) to help you prevent cross-contamination in your business space and make cleaning easier for you. You won’t need to worry about drying your microfiber towels on too high of a heat either, because we’ll take care of all of the laundering for you.

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