Greg Zimmer- Production Operations Manager

 Greg moved to Grand Rapids from Evansville, IN in 4th grade, then graduated from Northview High School, GRCC and Davenport University. Go Panthers! Greg joined the Model team in 2019 and leads our entire production division, after working in the laundry industry for 26 years. He saw a great opportunity to bring his industry knowledge to a family business that has weathered the tests of time.  Greg is a big believer in TEAMWORK, where everyone, regardless of title, has a critical role. “The Customer is not just #1”, Greg teaches employees, “They are the only reason we even exist!”  Greg is thrilled with the great production crew at Model. When not hard at work, Greg enjoys biking and hiking with his wife, Kris.  They started a marriage ministry at church several years ago and he also volunteers at the Helen Devos Children’s Hospital where Kris is a Medical Assistant in the Pediatric Hematology-Oncology clinic. Greg and Kris enjoy vacationing up north in Charlevoix thanks to the great beach and relaxing fresh water. He listens to contemporary Christian music and classic rock when he can, and even some country music for variety. Greg’s proudest moments are watching his kids develop into successful adults and parents and spending time with his grandkids. Greg’s favorite life quote is from his grandfather and reflects his humbleness and interest in others: “Whatever you do, wherever you go, whomever you are with, always see yourself as the least important person there. And “Thank You” for your Air Force service, Greg!


Joe Jiminez- Production Manager

Joe maintains ties to his birthplace, Austin, Texas, but was raised in Grand Rapids and graduated from Ottawa Hills High School in 1980. You might know Joe as an online radio DJ for Joe loves Tejano music and traveling back to Austin to visit family and friends. But back at work, Joe is a very hard working, diligent manager who makes sure our laundry get done—clean, neat, pressed, counted, sorted and ready to be delivered to the right customer on the right day.  Joe’s staff loves his sense of humor and kindness and hard work. Joe’s work is fast-paced and can be hot–and cold. But Joe helps keep everyone smiling. He has been at Model since 2017. Previously, Joe worked at other commercial laundries over the past 10 years but has finally found his true work family at Model.  Joe loves the people at Model and it looks like he’ll be doing laundry for a long time to come, too. “I love what I do…I think I have soap in my veins.