coatsCoats are a necessity for many businesses. From research and medical practice to food processing, coats are used often. Odds are, your business has a use for them.


Though the doctor’s coat is the most recognizable, medical researchers also use coats. Nothing says research professional like a white coat. A white coat is a good identifier of the role its wearer has in your business. 

Aside from appearances, medical or research coats have many practical uses. Because they are water and stain resistant, they protect clothing and other personal items. They also have conveniently placed pockets, ideal for keeping necessary materials close at hand. 


Chemical research and production employees also benefit from coats. Water and stain resistance keeps them protective and looking fresh. The polyester blend makes for greater durability and longevity. 

Food Processing 

Another industry that benefits from the use of coats is the food processing industry. When your products are made for consumption, every precaution needs to be taken to ensure their freshness. Coats are a great way to protect employees as well as the food that they work with.

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