Joe McDonald- Director of Service

Joe was born and raised in Grand Rapids and graduated from West Catholic High School. After 15 years working for a large, national, public uniform rental company, Joe finally joined Model in 2019.  Joe worked for years as a RouteSlaes Rep, before being promoted several times, so he intimately understands the needs of customers, and how to meet those needs. Joe cares deeply for customers and goes out of his way including working on weekends as needed.  He lives happily with his wife and two dogs, Lola and Champ.  He likes to watch and play sports, including football and baseball and is part of a basketball league, and likes to kick back with some country music. Joe’s proudest moment was when he finished in the top two at a national account management class. He also signed the largest agreement in his location’s history. Joe chose Model because of the family atmosphere. “Coming from a giant corporation you are looked at as a number and not a person. Work-life balance is a huge deal for me and I have that at Model.”

  •  Top Grade Aggregates, Brett Higley
  •  Family Outreach Center, Inc., Vaneese
  •  Kendall College of Art & Design of Ferris State University, Robin Mellema


Tom Fasnaugh- District Service Manager

Tom Fasnaugh is a terrifically loyal and dedicated Model employee! Tom is from Potterville, MI–born, raised, and still lives there today. He’s even on the town planning commission—an examples of his loyalty and dependability! Tom is a proud graduate of Potterville High School (’82), and he then attended General Motors Institute. He married his high school sweetheart, Shelly, 35 years ago! They’ve raised two successful and outstanding children, son Tyler and daughter Teddy, and now have four little grandchildren: Kensley, Lincoln, Hadley and Hunter.

Tom has always been a hard, dedicated worker. He has never, ever ‘called in sick’!  Ever! He’s early to arrive, and often the last to leave! Tom started at Model as an RSR and worked hard and learned the business. He then became Model’s Lansing Branch Manager before becoming a District Service Manager in GR. Tom also worked many years as a mechanic and Service Manager at a car dealership, where he also excelled. His customers and co-workers appreciate him because he is friendly, courteous, kind, loyal and hard-working.  He has often been asked to go through a customer’s dirty laundry to find lost items—so Tom has returned wallets, wedding rings, pocket-knives, collectable coins, and more, all over Michigan.  Tom has gone above and beyond for customers  and for Model for over 22 years.  Tom enjoys his work and gives it his all. “It really is like family here at Model. Plus I’ve been invited and also have taken our customers on fishing and hunting trips, and even taken my family to their homes, and have had customers stay at our place.”  Tom enjoys time with his family, and getting in some hunting and fishing and camping, and going up to their place near Houghton Lake, and listening to Alternative Rock (but mostly hunting and fishing!)


Austin Turner- District Service Manager

Austin may have been born in Texas, grown up in East Lansing, graduated from East Lansing High School and attended LCC, but today he’s all MAIZE AND BLUE!  And even moreso..all about family. Austin’s family is “small but very “. Austin has a special place in his heart for “Grandpa, he has had such a big influence on my life.”  At work, Austin is all work. He started with Model in 2014 as an RSR and won “RSR of the Year” the very next year, and earned a promotion to District Service Manager in 2016.  Austin has earned a Perfect Attendance Award 4 out of his 5 years at Model. Austin likes the uniform rental business.  “It’s a fun environment.  It’s nice to get out of the office and visit with customers—getting to know them and what kind of work they do so we can provide them with the proper items.”  Austin’s customers appreciate that he is very quick to respond to their requests and needs. He’s quick to find solutions to problems.  He’s most proud of helping his largest customer implement a brand new Flame Resistant uniform program with specialized welding jackets and other special protective apparel.  When not working, or rooting for Michigan sports, Austin can be found on the golf course or out on a lake fishing, or deer hunting, or in the gym working out and playing basketball.  Austin is very competitive and enjoys a challenge. “Never let the fear of striking out get in your way”, as Babe Ruth used to say. If Austin has the chance to relax and watch a movie, he loves Saving Private Ryan and Goodfellas, or almost any good war movie. Did we forget to mention that Austin is getting married in March 2020.


Scott Maschke- Lansing Branch Manager

Scott grew up in Lake Orion, MI, then earned his BA from Walsh College in Troy.  After working for Proctor & Gamble and other consumer goods companies, Scott joined Model in 2009 as a RouteSales Rep, and won the 2011 RouteSales Rep of the Year Award! Scott was soon promoted to Lansing Branch Manager. He loves his work because he loves meeting customers and learning all about their businesses and about the customers themselves. “You really get to know a wide cross-section of great, hard-working people who are striving to fulfill their passions and dreams, whether that dream is to own a store or auto repair or machine shop, or a potato farm….It’s great to be even a small part of helping them succeed.”  Customers find him smart, honest, and genuinely interested in helping them in any way he can. After work, Scott relives his greatest round of golf when he was crowned the “Model Cup Champion of 2019”, and spectating—loyally rooting for the Lions, Tigers and Spartans, and most of all cheering on his daughter’s Davenport University Lacrosse team. Scott enjoys Clint Eastwood and Will Ferrell movies when he’s not feeding his TV addiction to Survivor and Derry Girls!  Scott is most proud of he and his wife for raising two strong, intelligent women, with a little help from dog, Orla.


Brandon Ellen   #RT53   RouteSales Rep

When not devoting his time satisfying his customers for the last 6 years at Model, Brandon runs an eBay store selling items for himself and for other local Lansing businesses. His favorite pastimes are watching “almost all IMAX movies, TLC and ESPN,” as well as playing sports, including basketball, football, golf, baseball, NASCAR, boxing, fishing, etc. Brandon earned an honors diploma from St. Charles High School, near Saginaw, MI, and continues to maintain an honors GPA at Delta College in Computer Science and Business Administration. His greatest wish is for more donations to cancer research. His proudest moment was: “Being able to take care of my grandmother when she was ill. I remember her doing the same for me when I was younger.”

“Brandon is very kind, helpful, and courteous.” – Beyer’s Service Center of Saginaw, MI.


Mike Eadie   #2 Route  RouteSales Rep

Mike is a proud graduate of Cedar Springs High School, and has been with Model since 2007, after working as a movie theatre manager for 7 years.  Mike is known for interacting with his customers and willing to make special deliveries to drop off products when the customer needs something…now! One of Mike’s most notable moments was surprising a customer by putting down several red rugs for a customer’s employee that was retiring, so he could walk down the red carpet while co-workers applauded and took pictures and honored his long career.  Mike has been honored at Model with several Perfect Attendance Awards and for his distinguished tenure.  But Mike is most proud of walking his daughter down the aisle at her wedding, and his favorite thing to do when he’s not working is, of course, playing with his little grandchildren (when he’s not watching The Office or Arrested Development!)  Mike has a close family, and is looking forward to taking the whole family to Orlando next year— with his wife, Andrea, and their kids Megan and her husband, Mitch, with grandkids Hayden, Harper and Emmerson, and son Brendon.

  • Stampede Engineering, Allison
  • Byron Center Charter Schools, Steve
  • Simply Counted Business, Tricia


Bill Roach   #4 Route    RouteSales Rep

Bill was given the “Mr. Hustle Award” by his Grand Valley State University Basketball Team. That is Bill Roach.  All “hustle”.  All smiles.  Positive attitude.  Customer-Friendly.  Since 2014, Bill has shown Model customers and his co-workers why he was named “Mr. Hustle”.  After graduating from Grayling High School (’81) Bill went to GVSU and made the basketball team as a walk-on!  That’s hustle.  He graduated in ’88, and married his wife, Linda, who has been at Amway for 30 years.  They have a daughter, Abby, who loves her work with animals at the pet spa.  Bill works hard and takes great care of his customers, who love his cheery attitude and that he makes sure they always have what they need when they need it.  Bill loves “working with such a wide variety of customers and building relationships with them.”  When not working, Bill is all about family and sports….both playing (golf and basketball) and watching (everything).  And “family” includes dog, Bowie, who takes Bill on long walks at the beach!

  • Skytron, Dan Madden
  • Datum, Gary Gerke
  • Star Truck, Linda Ribble


Don Friskey        #5 Route    RouteSales Rep (RSR)

Don proudly graduated from Northview High Schoo and then studied HVAC at GRCC. 2020 marks Don’s 20th anniversary with Model. He does such a great job that he’s been Model’s RouteSales Rep of the Year 4 times…so far! Don has great customer retention (over 99%) and satisfaction ratings because he loves his job. He loves serving customers and his customers appreciate his work ethic, dependability, taking care of their needs promptly, and making special trips to meet special needs. When not on a route, Don spends time with his wonderful wife of 35 years, Karen, and two beautiful grown daughters. Don is a golfer and bowler and enjoys relaxing to sci-fi movies and 60’s comedy shows. In summer he loves his yard work keeping everything nice and green. Don appreciates how Model takes care of all employees and is very proud and motivated by the loyalty of his customers.  His customers will tell you more. Just ask:

  • Harbor Steel, Nate Day
  • Advantage Fleet, Jordan Luther
  • Ademas, Jim Talsma


Chuck Inman   #6 Route   RouteSales Rep

Chuck joined Model’s team in 2014, and has consistently excelled at customer service, with customer retention ratings over 98%.  After working 17 years at Arnie’s Bakery & Restaurants, working his way up to general manager, Chuck found a change he needed at Model. He loves the fast-paced nature of his service work and building loyal relationships with his customers. Customers like Chuck, too, reflected in his 98%+ retention ratings, and say he is trustworthy, thorough, efficient, dependable and funny.  Ask them! He graduated from Rockford High School in 2000 and attended GRCC.  Chuck works hard, then loves going home to his wife and little daughter and son. To relax, Chuck enjoys listening to Jimmy Buffet—do you know anyone else who has attended 5 Jimmy Buffet concerts in 9 consecutive days? His tastes show diversity, though, as he also enjoys 80’s and 90’s grunge music.

  • Betz Industries, Dan Scott
  • Frost, Dave Holms
  • Transport Repair, Joanne Legg
  • Control Plating, Kim
  • Vogel Engineering, Lea


Paul Wila   #7 Route    RouteSales Rep

Paul proudly graduated from GR’s West Catholic High School, GRCC, and WMU with a B.A. in Business Administration. Paul joined Model in 2012 after working for a large public uniform rental company. He much prefers the more personal interactions he now has with his customers, who find Paul to be kind, friendly, and willing to accommodate their special requests. Paul has 97%+ customer retention ratings! When not hard at work, he enjoys watching Michigan sports–Go Tigers! Go Red Wings! Go Blue!– and visiting family on weekends at the cottage, where he impresses the crowd with his impressive sports-and-music-trivia expertise.  Paul is a fan of movies from the 40’s and 50’s, especially crime dramas and Westerns, and still loves classic rock.  But most of all, Paul is proud to be with his wife of over 24 years, a financial planner, and his two daughters, one an ultrasound technician and the youngest a student at GVSU.

  • Digitrace, Tom and Dennis
  • Star Truck, Dewey
  • Key Gas Components, Margaret


Guy Read  #12 Route  RouteSales Rep

Guy has been with Model since 2014, and has over 21 years of industry experience in production and service for other Michigan laundries.  Guy enjoys this industry and bringing customers great service and consistent delivery times.  Guy’s customers set their watch to him!  Guy has been awarded Model’s RouteSales Rep of the Year Award for his excellence in customer retention (98%+) and route development.  Guy is also proud of his earning his Eagle Scout award, but mostly proud of the birth of his two children and watching his oldest daughter graduate from Central Michigan University.  When not on a route, Guy loves to hunt and fish and bowl.  And work!  Guy is an expert and busy remodeler on nights and weekends!

  • Commercial Tool & Die
  • Centerline Engineering
  • B&J Transmission
  • A. Enterprises


Bryan Evans   #28 Route   RouteSales Rep

Bryan, who started with Model in 2018, was born and raised in Niles, Michigan, and graduated from Niles High School in 2010, and then Michigan State University in 2014. He even took a summer study program, in ethnic studies, at the University of Hawaii!  That was a fantastic summer, but Bryan now enjoys living in Grand Rapids, and has now been joined in GR by his brother, who attends GVSU. After MSU, Bryan was a Youth Specialist at a juvenile detention facility. That experience must have helped Bryan further strengthen his customer listening and service skills, because he sure excels at that now!  Customers say Bryan is friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and he’ll listen and work with them to find a solution to any need or concern they have–and then later he’ll follow up to ensure they’re still satisfied with the outcome!  Bryan loves interacting and building relationships with his customers every day. He enjoys the satisfying feeling when he’s resolved any issues.  His goal is to continue building his customer base and keep his customers happy. When not at work, Bryan loves just about anything outdoors and is an avid golfer, skier, and runner.  He’s proud to share that last year he ran in 4 half-marathon races, and is most proud of having completed his first 25k–likely the first of many.  And finally, to share Bryan’s favorite quote, from Michael Scott (yes, from “The Office”), “I’m not superstitious.  But I am a little stitious.”

  • Cadillac Castings, Erik Olson
  • Cadillac Castings, Kristin McCloud
  • General Mills, Staci Moore
  • H&R Screw, Chris Switzer


Zach Conroy   #30 Route  RouteSales Rep

Zach was raised in Holt, Michigan, and graduated from Holt High School in 2009.  He and his wife, Stacy, met in middle school, and later were together for 7 years before getting married in 2018.  Their family includes Millie, a very cute Brittany Spaniel.  Zach is very proud of his family and having recently bought their very first home together.  Zach is also proud that he has been recognized by the public—Model has had several people call in to say what a GREAT DRIVING JOB our #30 truck did.  No complaints. Just compliments.  Zach has been with Model since 2015, after working in construction and in factories.  He loves his customer service work, and customers love Zach and his “easy-going attitude and calm approach to talking any problems” that might arise.  Zach enjoys “interacting with customers and helping them keep their businesses and employees looking the best they can” and keeping them safe.  Zach enjoys classic rock and country music, and hopes to go back to Hawaii someday, where he and Stacy had an awesome honeymoon.


RAY CRAIG   #61 Route   RouteSales Rep

Ray was born and raised and has lived his life right in South Bend, IN. He graduated Penn High School in 1972.  He married Ronnie, and they raised 2 sons and a daughter, and are now enjoying their 5 grandchildren. His proudest life moments were seeing them be born. Ray has been with Model since 2006, having previously worked many years for another uniform rental company in South Bend. There aren’t many RSRs, anywhere, with more customer service experience than Ray.  Customers love his friendliness and know that he’ll do whatever it takes to handle their requests, like making an extra trip back if they need something right away.  Ray has built fantastic loyal relationships with his customers over the years and has been a leader in customer retention for Model every year, at about 98% retention annually. Ray works long days, but when not working, he loves to fish or work in his garden and listen to country music. He loved taking a vacation when he flew to California and drove back, visiting 15 states, lots of family and many national parks and monuments along the way. Want to know more about Ray?  Ask ANY of his customers.