commercial floor mats

Falls account for the majority of all workplace injuries – and slipping and tripping are two of the most common causes of these floor accidents. Unsafe floor conditions not only put your company’s productivity and reputation at risk, but worse, pose threats to your employees’ health, well being, and in severe cases, even lives.

The great news is, there are many simple solutions you can apply to make your workplace floors safer; for instance: commercial floor mats. Even better news: there are many different types of floor mats to choose from to meet the specific conditions of your facility.

The Safety Benefits of Commercial Floor Mats

The right choice of floor mats for the right area in your workplace can significantly improve workplace conditions. Here’s how:

1. They Provide Protection Against Slip Accidents.

Floors may be either too slippery from excessive cleaning/polishing, or from moisture tracked in from shoes or from spills. The right floor mat adds a layer of traction that helps prevent slip accidents. The average cost for a slip or fall injury is $20,000, and defending a slip and fall claim can regularly cost around $50,000! Since these kinds of accidents account for around 30% of all workplace injuries, you need a slip prevention plan in place that includes floor mats to protect your employees, your customers and your business.

2. They Provide Support Against Fatigue of the Lower Back and Lower Limbs.

Specialized mats called ‘anti-fatigue’ mats are designed for workplaces where employees have to be on their feet for extended periods of time. These mats are made of a material that promotes equal distribution of weight on different areas of the feet to reduce fatigue of the lower limbs and the lower back. These micro-movements and improved weight distribution also help promote better blood circulation so long-term injuries to the nerves, muscles, and bones of the lower back and legs are prevented.

3. They Provide Anti-Bacterial Safeguards.

The bottoms of shoes track and drag all sorts of nasty things all over the floors – from something as simple as soil and pollen material to something as disgusting as traces of animal and fecal matter, not to mention a whole host of disease-carrying bacteria. And the smallest amount of these nasty pathogens can bring all sorts of contagious diseases into your business. Fortunately, highly-abrasive scraper mats exist to help rub off dirt and debris, preventing them from transferring to your floors. Even better, there are specialty anti-bacterial floor mats that do not just scrape off dirt and debris but trap bacteria and other pathogens and the diseases they carry to prevent them from spreading throughout your business.

Get Clean, Dry and Safe Mats from Model

For the best selection of commercial floor mats for your facility, enlist the help of a reputable mat rental company that has expertise, experience, and a team of helpful and friendly consultants who can help you make the right mat choices for your facility’s floors.

In Grand Rapids, there is only one name that fits all of these categories: Model Coverall Service!

We have the widest selection of commercial floor mats – ranging from standard entrance mats to highly-specialized options – and over 90 years of expert industry experience so you can rest assured that your business needs are met, your expectations exceeded, and your satisfaction guaranteed.

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