No matter where you go for your uniform services, you want to work with a company that can answer your questions and put any concerns to rest. Here at Model, we are committed to the high-quality customer service you deserve.

You might have some questions about how our uniform services work and if they will work for the size of your business. Model services both small and large businesses. We’ve been a local family business since 1923, so you can count on us to provide what you need!

Here are some frequently-asked questions we can answer today:

What Services Do You Offer?

We offer uniform rental, leasing, and purchasing programs. Our rental service is the most complete program and includes quality uniforms, proper sizing, weekly delivery, repairs, and replacements. We also offer mat rentals, mop and towel rentals, and a selection of restroom products.

Do You Service Our Area?

Model services most of the lower peninsula of Michigan, plus Indiana north of US-30 and west of I-15. Give us a call for more details about our service area!

How Does Uniform Rental Service Work?

With our uniform rental service, Model Coverall Service, Inc. provides the uniforms you need plus delivery, pick-up, washing, drying and finishing, repairs and upgrades. Our Acc-u-track and Acc-u-sort systems use barcode technology to sort and keep track of your uniforms at all times.

We use a washable repair tag system to ensure that any repairs get done right. Additionally, we work with Ecolab, one of the most environmentally-friendly companies in the world, to make sure all uniforms get as clean as possible without damaging the fabric or the environment.

Most initial orders are delivered in two weeks, and then new wearers typically take just one week to get fully integrated into our program. We aim to be quick and precise with our uniform delivery.

There are many benefits to using our uniform rental service. We offer a service guarantee and clearly spell out the products, services, and pricing we’re providing you in our service contract.

Do You Take Requests for Special Uniform Styles and Colors?

Yes! We offer a large variety of colors and styles but if you need something unique, we will work with you to make it happen. It will require special pricing and terms, but we will do our best to fit your particular circumstances. We also offer embroidery services.

What Are Your Policies on Protection Plans? What if We Damage or Lose Uniforms?

Model offers a variety of protection plans where you can pay a little more every week in order to avoid paying Loss Charges, Damage Charges, Emblem/Name and Processing Charges. These plans can save you time and money!

Uniforms should last about 2 ½ years. If a garment is damaged before then and needs to be replaced, there will be an additional charge. If garments start to wear out around that 2 ½ year mark, we will usually upgrade and replace them.

How Can I View My Account?

You will have 24/7 online access to your account where you can view invoices, payment history, and garment status. You can also place orders for new wearers or make size changes.

How Do I Pay?

You can fill out a credit application and pay us monthly or pay by credit card. You can also pay us electronically.

How Do I Get Started?

Model is a locally-owned and family-operated company dedicated to building quality relationships with our customers. We are flexible and will do our best to accommodate the needs of your business. With over 90 years of experience, you can trust that Model will deliver!

We pride ourselves on efficient, friendly customer service, and have helpful staff on hand to answer any additional questions and help get you started! Contact us today at 1-800-968-6491.