employee uniformsKeeping your employees safe on the job is vital to your business’s success. Protecting them from environmental hazards with high-quality uniforms is a great way to do that. 

Employees are the backbone of any organization. If you want them to do good work, they need good uniforms. Quality uniforms will not only keep them safe, but will improve your business’s public image. 

You need… 

Uniform Shirts

Every employee needs shirts. If your employees are working outside, they need shirts that will protect them from heat, rain, snow, and other weather conditions. Weather forecasts aren’t always accurate. If a storm rolls in or temperatures change, the right shirts can keep your employees on track.

Fabrics like cotton are breathable and comfortable. Cotton shirts can help keep your employees cool and are great for outdoor use. 

Industrial work is challenging, especially in the outdoors. The right uniform shirts will protect employees from the elements while still looking professional. 

Shorts and Pants

Pants are an important part of the uniform. When employees are outdoors, their pants should be appropriate for the job.

The more comfortable your employees are, the better they’ll perform. Industrial comfort pants are a great choice. With flexibility, comfortable material, and a professional look, your employees will feel good while working outside. 

Flame-resistant pants are good for work that involves any fire hazards. It’s better to play it safe than sorry, and to protect your employees from any risks they may face.  

For a casual environment, denim jeans are a good choice. Resistant to wear and tear and able to stand up to heavy use, jeans are a great option for outdoor projects in a variety of temperatures.


Outerwear protects employees from dirt, moisture, and debris they may come into contact with. Additionally, proper outerwear keeps employees warm in the winter. This is important for any employee that works outdoors. 

Keep Your Employees Safe with Uniforms from Model Coverall Service

We understand how much you value safety in your business. With Model, your employees will show up suited and ready to work, no matter what the day brings. Safety and security is what you get with Model Coverall Service. 

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