customized uniformsYour uniforms should be customized to meet your requirements for style, image, color, safety, and company identification. Professionally customized uniforms benefit employees, clients, and your bottom line; they look great and can boost business in ways you may not have thought of, such as…

Increase Employee Performance and Morale

Few things say “we’re in this together” like matching uniforms; uniforms give workers a sense of belonging, promoting teamwork, lifting morale, and generating company loyalty. Employees have lives outside of work which can distract them. Customized uniforms help them shift their mindset to “work mode” and leave their private lives temporarily at the door.

Enhance Safety and Security

If a customer or other non-employee accidentally ends up in an area of your business where they aren’t supposed to be, that will immediately be clear if all your workers are wearing uniforms.

Uniforms from a reliable provider fit right, reducing risk of injury caused by loose clothing getting caught in machinery, for example,.

Up Your Image

Employees don’t always shine in looking their best; they may come to work disheveled, with clothing that’s dirty or torn. Customized, industrial uniforms –professionally laundered, mended, and even replaced if necessary – reflect directly on your company’s professional image.


Sleek, professional uniforms can change a passing glance from “that’s a hard-working crew” to “those (your business’s name) workers really get the job done.” You work hard to optimize your company. Flaunt it! Show off your hard work with customized uniforms that show us who you are.

Model Coverall’s Top-Quality Customized Uniforms and Logos

We at Model Coverall are the guys who give you high-quality uniforms and dedicated customer service. Our Model Mates service is here to transform your uniforms into a symbol of your business’s ability and professionalism, and our talented art department will work with you to create or enhance your business’s logo.

With Model Coverall, your uniform worries are over! Call with any questions may have, and together we’ll get you started on the uniform program that works best for your business. Contact us today at 1(800) 968-6491!