Great businesses know that their employees are the backbone of their success. When your employees have confidence and are proud of their workplace, their work effort is 110%! That’s where Model Coverall Service can help your business. Our uniform rental service program will keep your employees looking good feeling good about the company they work for and readily give you their best effort to get the job done well.

Employees look good representing your business. Model Coverall Service does everything it can to make sure your employees look their very best when representing your company. Uniforms are returned in a timely manner—clean, fresh, repaired, and sanitary. Your company logo emblem will promote your company all day, every day.

Model’s rental uniform program saves your employees time. Employees cherish their time away from work more than ever….and want to spend it with family, doing family activities—not doing their dirty work uniform laundry!

Model’s rental service keeps your employees morale up. When employees have to deal with getting out dirt, grime, grease and stains, sew and mend and patch rips and tears, and laundering uniforms when they are home, they lose their ‘at-home’ time. This is a real morale downer and can make Monday mornings at work a drag.

We know how to clean uniforms. Model has extensive knowledge on how to clean uniforms and keep them clean wash after wash. Our wash formulas are professionally developed, monitored, and maintained by chemical experts from Ecolab, one of the largest and most environmentally-friendly laundry chemical companies in the world. With our rental service, you and your employees do not need a PhD in learning how to launder dirty, greasy uniforms in a way that they will always look their best – Model will do that for you.

Model Coverall helps you portray an excellent image. When you provide a team image for your company with Model’s complete uniform rental program, your employees will feel like a part of that team. It will help provide team confidence and pride in their workplace.

There is no maintenance cost when you use a Model Coverall Rental Program. Uniforms are always kept in the very best of shape, so your employee looks their best! Most uniforms last about 50 washes, after that we replace them to keep your employees looking top-notch. If your employees are doing the laundry, they will not get properly cleaned and you will be stuck replacing the uniforms more often….at significant cost.

We put your employees’ name right on the uniform. Everyone loves the sound of their own name. Employees like when customers refer to them by name. It helps your employees take pride in their work and it makes your customers feel like they are a part of your business family. And that leads to repeat business.

When it comes down to having the best for your employees, Model’s rental program is it. Not only will it keep your employees looking their best in uniforms that are professionally cleaned and steam-finished, but there is so much more when an employee wears a uniform. They feel part of the team, show pride in their work and you get the best bang for your buck with our service. By the way, most of our customers split the weekly rental cost with their employees…’s a great bargain for both employer and employee. Model’s Rental Program is a win-win-win all the way around.