Model’s mission is to build loyal relationships with customers, team members, and community.

MISSION: Our passion. The reason Model exists. Why we are in business. BUILD LOYAL RELATIONSHIPS: It takes caring and effort and time to truly create and build a long term, loyal relationship. It requires earning Trust by being honest and giving 110%. The more we give others, the more we receive. CUSTOMERS: Without them, we don’t exist. They buy food for our children and put the roof over our heads. TEAM MEMBERS: The people who make Model run. Without them, there is no Model. With Team Members working together towards a common goal, we will be invincible. COMMUNITY: Model is part of the community in which we work and live.           We depend on the Community as the source for our skilled Team Members and for our Customers. Our Community gives our lives meaning outside of work. When we nurture the Community around us, it grows healthy and can better support us.

We offer exceptional products and services that promote the image, cleanliness, productivity and safety of the workplace.

EXCEPTIONAL: We offer the best. In today’s competitive world, we have to continue improving to stay ahead of the competition and continue to earn our customers’ business.  IMAGE and CLEANLINESS: The impression our customer’s make on their customers, employees, and the public. You only have one chance to make a first impression.  Cleanliness means excellence. It’s healthier, too. PRODUCTIVITY: We help customers work without dealing with the hassles of buying, cleaning, and repairing their own uniforms, towels, mats, and mops.      Our services offer convenience . . . we do our work . . . so customers can do theirs. SAFETY: From safety training to appropriate work clothing to mats, we keep workers and workplaces safer. Accidents are reduced, lives are saved.          Safety pays.