Choose a uniform program


So, you’ve taken a look at everything Model has to offer and you’re ready to become one of our valued customers. That’s great! But the next step has you wondering: “How do I choose the best type of uniform program for my company?.” Well, we’re glad you asked because making this choice easy for our customers is part of the customer service we offer and it has made us a nationally recognized industry leader in service. Our website, online quotes form, and easy-to-contact staff are all geared toward helping you make the right choice for your uniform program.

First, you will want to know what services are covered under each of our programs. This information is a click away. From our website, hover over LINKS then click FAQS, then Should I Rent, Lease, or Purchase Uniforms? There you’ll find the information to help you make that choice. We show the most important parts of the three options and what services are included with each program.

For instance, is it important for you to have laundering services for your employees’ uniforms so they always look clean and stay in good repair? If so, you’ll need to take a good look at our Rental Program, as it is the one that offers clean clothes delivered weekly. Or, do you want professional-looking uniforms, the ability to return uniforms to Model if a wearer leaves your employment, but have your employees wash their own clothes at home? That’s available with our Lease Program. And finally, if you would just prefer to purchase the uniforms – we’ve got you covered there as well. We can even set up a custom website for your employees to order the uniforms you specify.

Okay, now you think you have an idea of which program best suits your company. How can you get more information like pricing, payment options or days of delivery? Again, the Frequently Asked Questions section has information on things like payment options, but you can also request a quote on our contact sheet. Leave your name, email address and information like how many employees you will be outfitting and what uniform programs interest you. We’ll contact you right away.

Or, if you prefer to talk to a real person about your needs, Model is here for you. Contact our owner Jon Subar today for a free consultation at 800-968-6491 or at Have a Clean and Safe Day!