Model has offered reusable, cotton red shop towel service for nearly all of our 92-years.  Reusable cloth towels are loved by mechanics, machine operators, and other technicians because they are CLEAN and ABSORBENT and the service is CONVENIENT, ECONOMICAL and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY.

However, some of our customers, for some applications, prefer to purchase disposable paper wiping towels.  So, Model now offers quality paper shop towels to meet that need.  We offer two products.

  1. POP-UP BOX                 15″ x 10.25″        125/box                 6 boxes/case
  2. 1/4-FOLD                        13″ x 12.5″          75/pack                 12 packs/case

Paper wipers are delivered only as needed, by the case.  It’s not a “rental” service like our red shop towel service.  We just bring you the number of cases you need, as you need them, and charge only for the cases that we bring.

Here are some situations where some customers PREFER PAPER towels vs our cloth towel rental service.

  1. If usage is relatively low or inconsistent.  This could be company-wide in just in one particular department or for a particular job or application, like a special clean-up.
  2. If soiled towels get wet so that Model can’t transport them, disposable paper is a preferred option. (A rental launderer like Model may not pick up/transport “free liquid” in towels.)
  3. If towels are used on service trucks or are otherwise offsite.  Each truck or remote site could have a box or case of paper for the occasional use.  Since they aren’t at the main location to retrieve clean towels and return their dirties,  boxes/packs of paper may work better.
  4. If towels get metal shavings in them or other soils or contaminants that Model is unable to pick up and wash, paper can be a better option.

The per piece cost of paper is generally less than the per piece cost of a cloth towel.  However, cloth towels can be reused more often than paper… is generally acknowledged that 1 cloth shop towel yields the equivalent usage of about 4-6 paper towels.  You know how you go in a restroom that has stacks of folded paper towels on the counter by the sink… many towels do you grab?  Two?  Three?  Six?  More?  How many get knocked on the floor?  So, weigh the costs and how the towels are used before jumping to conclusions about the relative cost of paper vs cloth.

If you’d like help working through the options, let your Model rep know, or call our office (800.968.6491 or email