Dehydration affects many American workers.  It is dangerous.  It reduces productivity.  It increases injury.  It leads to fainting and even death.  Most importantly….it is preventable.  It just takes a little thirst quenching effort.  Your employees need to be well hydrated with water and ‘sports’ drinks that replace electrolytes.  Model First Aid and Safety offers an electrolyte drink (like Gatorade).  Let us know if you’re interested.

Please read the attached information for more about hydration.  Peek at your urine.  It’s color tells you a lot about your level of hydration.  Drink up!

Just 1% dehydration has been found to decrease worker productivity by 12%. The more dehydrated your employee becomes, the further their physical work capacity degrades, with 3-4% dehydration bringing about a 25-50% decline in performance.

At just 1% dehydration, employees begin experiencing decreased cognitive abilities, reduced concentration and alertness, and slower reaction times.

3% dehydration can slow your reaction time to the same extent as 0.08 Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). At 0.08 BAC you are 5 times more likely to crash your car, which begs the question – how much more likely is an employee going to have a workplace accident when dehydrated?