Wiping towels are used for many different applications, and come in various materials, styles, and colors.  Towels are used to wipe mirrors, windows, counters, computers, equipment, showroom inventory, spills, leaks, and splashes.  And hands!  It’s possible for all these things to be accomplished with paper or disposable towels. But it’s so much more effective and efficient to choose reusable towels.  Plus, reusable cloth towels are the environmentally-friendly “Green” choice.  Reusable textiles reduce solid waste!

At Model, we provide a number of rentable/washable towels in various types and styles. While we understand that paper towels are sometimes necessary (and we provide several types of those, too), we feel very strongly that reusable cloth towels can benefit your business, and the environment. Here are a few reasons why:


Wipe up some grease or oil from your machinery.  Then wipe off your hands.  Paper or Cloth?  You’ll use 4-6 paper disposable towels for every 1 rental cloth towel needed.

  • Sam’s Club Scott Paper Rags In a Box cost $.04 each.
  • They are about 50% small than a rental cloth towel (18×18)
  • Conservatively, if you use 4, that’s $.16
  • NET COST: Rental Cloth Towel Service costs about 20% less!


The EPA regulates the washing process of all rented, reusable towels. Each load of laundered towels is washed thoroughly to remove any potential health risks the towels might have after working. Water, mechanical action in the wash, wash chemicals, and heat combine to assure clean and sanitary cloth towels.  We continuously test the quality of our wash to assure proper cleanliness and absorbability of the towels.

Because reusable towels are stronger, thicker and more durable than disposable ones, they are also safer to use on the job—an extra layer of protection against accidental cuts and scrapes.

Environmental Impact

Reusable towels save energy, reduce waste, and contribute to better air quality. The resources required to wash and return a reusable towel are far fewer than those needed to manufacture new disposable towels. Reusable towels also demand fewer packaging materials and lend themselves more readily to recycling at the end of their lifespan, which means they take up less landfill space than disposable towels do.  As an example, one cloth roll towel replacing paper towels in a bathroom saves over 30,000 single-fold paper towels.

If you’re on the fence about which kinds of towels to use for tasks at your company, we would love to help you out. We offer a variety of cloth reusable options on a dependable, regular schedule. Designed to meet both your needs and your expectations of excellence, our towel rental service might just be the hassle-free option you’ve been looking for.


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