“We have been using Model since 1996.  Jake has done a tremendous job…and the support in Model’s office is impeccable.  Any questions or concerns are addressed promptly and clearly by their representatives, allowing us to tend to our customers instead of uniform problems.  Any new orders placed are completed in great time.  There is no quesiton as to the length Model will go to make our experience and relationship such a success.  We would highly recommend Model to anyone looking for a company to rely on and ensure the representatives of their company look their best.”

Construction Company

“Denny has done an absolutely outstanding job providing us with uiforms, mats, mops, and towels.  Denny is always very courteous, dependable and respoinsive to our needs….We have had Model over the past 50 years…It is without reservation that I would recommend Model…”


“They are very diligent…very knowledgeable…willing to bring samples of any type of uniform so an employee can see before ordering…The employees at Model are very friendly and very helpful, their billing is very easy to understand. I would recommend them to any company…”

Plastics Manufacturer

“Brandon is doing a wonderful job here.  We now spend almost no time dealing with the uniform program.  I used to spend hours every week for our hundred guys in uniform.  We can completely trust Brandon. He has really taken a lot off my plate. We have cut our office personnel in half and I am doing everyone else’s job. I wouldn’t have time to deal with any issues. I am so happy we switched to Model.”


Machine Shop