At Model Coverall, we do uniforms, services, and more. We also do community. We’re invested in a variety of areas both within Grand Rapids and beyond, and we believe it’s very important to support other organizations with a heart for service in the world. In the immediate Michigan area, Model is a proud sponsor of Boy Scouts of America—specifically, the President Gerald R. Ford Field Service Council.

The President Ford FSC serves 25 counties in Northern and Western Michigan and is split into eight districts. Many of the Boy Scout values upheld through the President Ford FSC correspond with our own here at Model. Honesty, integrity, and quality of both action and character are important facets of our mission, as well as core principles within the Scouting world.

Over the next four years, the President Ford FSC hopes to undertake a unique new project tied to their Scoutreach program. Scoutreach is a Boy Scout division giving special emphasis and support to Scout programs based in less socially stable settings. For the President Ford FSC, the majority of Scoutreach program participants are core-city youth from the greater Grand Rapids area. Many Scout events involve camping and outdoor activities that are difficult for youth without the funds or transportation to travel outside Grand Rapids. To combat these obstacles, the President Ford FSC launched a campaign last summer titled “Build Character Today, Lead Tomorrow” that will expand the DeVos Family Center for Scouting in Walker.

At the project’s completion, the DeVos Family Center will offer facilities for outreach, team building, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) Scouting, and outdoor education. Through these activities, Scouts from the entire greater Grand Rapids area will be able to access even more opportunities for community creation and character growth. One year on, the project is set to continue in an extremely positive direction.

As we provide uniform services within the West Michigan community, Boy Scouts wear their own uniforms to build community too. We’re excited to stand by the President Ford FSC Scoutreach program as they continue to expand for a new generation of leaders.