In the past few weeks, big changes have been announced in our industry.   Two large, publicly-traded competitors have gobbled up two smaller competitors that had a very large presence in Michigan.   Arrow Uniform, a Detroit-based company, just sold to UniFirst (based in Massachusetts), and Cintas bought a smaller public competitor, G&K Services. Total new revenues for the buyers–about $1 billion annually.

So what? Well, the buyers will say it means more efficiencies. So more profits for them, and supposedly better prices and options for their customers.

Model Coverall Service sees it differently. We see the trend that more consolidation in our industry really means higher prices and fewer choices. It means laid off workers and more stress on the remaining employees. It means slower, poorer service. It means more legalistic, heavy-handed contract enforcement. It means customers lose.

Fortunately, in Michigan and Indiana, you still have some good choices to select independent, good uniform rental companies. Michigan has more good independent companies than most markets. Model Coverall Service remains the best of those, as evidence by our awards and recognition, longevity, and customer retention ( But, fortunately for businesses in Michigan, choices remain.

The big guys are getting bigger. Not better. They are servants to investors on Wall Street. We are servants to our customers on Main Street. They define success by their stock price. We define ours by the level of your satisfaction and our customer retention.

If you were a G&K (or Grantex) or Arrow customer and want to look at options, contact us at or call 800-968-6491.

Wishing you a Clean and Safe Day!