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Complete MAT CATALOG (Mountville Mills)


  Mats keep your business safe, clean, dry and bright, preserve your floors and reduce maintenance and floor replacement costs.
  • Mats stop 80% of the dirt that would be tracked in to your business.
  • 90% of the cost of maintenance is labor, and rental mats cut down on maintenance costs.
  • It costs $500 in labor, equipment and supplies to remove one pound of dirt from a building, and rental mat service removes the dirt for you for a nominal rental charge.
  • Mats help prevent against costly slip and fall incidents. 30% of workplace injuries are slip-related.  The average cost of these injuries exceeds $12,000 (Wausau Insurance Co.)
  • Mats fight dirt, sand, rain, snow and slush.
  • Mats work all day, every day.  They are your "Year-'Round Silent Janitor" that always shows up to work and doesn't complain, 24/7



 Keep your floors clean, safe, fresh, and dry.  Mats are your "Silent Janitor" 24/7....365. No vacations, no sick days, no hassles. Mats also are an important part of LEED Certification (Leadership in Energy and Envitonmental Design).
  • Protect against sand, dirt, salt, rain, snow, grease, oil, ink...
  • Reduce labor costs 
  • Prolong your investment in your floor.
  • Available for every decor in:  black, brown, navy, green, red.



  • Promote your company image 24/7. Keep floors clean and dry while building your image with customers, employees and guests.
  • Any design, any colors. Use your own creativity or let us know and we can help. 


  • Designer motif exclusively for Model's customers. Proprietary design adds class, and blends with your decor.
  • Great for front office and executive areas.  
  • Curved corners add a softer, executive feel.  Clean, and Classy.
  • Anti-Static fabric prevents harm to electrical equipment.


  • Scraper mats: scrape dirt, sand and debris from the bottom of shoes.  Hold dirt and water in the mat instead of tracking it into your building.  Save cleaning costs and save your floors.


The original entrance mat!
  • Cotton fabric is more absorbent for moisture, grease, and oil compared to synthetic-pile mats.
  • If function is more important than beauty, this is the mat for the job.
  • Great for employee entrances and production-to-office walkways. 
  • Only Model still offers this traditional, absorbent entrance mat.


  • High Definition Logo Mats give you the ability to turn quality photographs into functional pieces of art. 
  • Unbelievable detail and color
  • Available in the same variety as our standard Logo Mat.


  • Promote your safety program 24/7.
  • Keep floors clean, safe, and dry while reinforcing your emphasis on keeping your workplace safe with 12 colorful and fun safety messages.


  • Just the right amount of softness and cushion for employees that stand for long periods
  • Improve employee satisfaction and productivity
  • Reduce back and leg pain
  • Reduce worker's comp and lost work time.


  • Comfort-Flow mats are great for busy kitchens
  • Moisture and debris flow through, providing a secure work area.  Easy to clean at the end of the shift.
  • Works as a comfortable anti-fatigue value, too.
  • Available with and without perforation.  


  • This truly is the "Ulitmate Mat".
  • Offered Exclusively by CSC Members Only!
  • Plush fibers wipe shoes clean.
  • Abrasive fibers grab and hold dirt.
  • Waterdam traps water and dirt.
  • Extra-heavy backing won't move.


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